Site News: Geekologie Redesign Imminent

November 7, 2011


So there's gonna be a NEW AND IMPROVED Geekologie in the very near future. Possibly even tonight. That's why you can't comment today, because we want you to save up all those gems (gems, LOL) for the new system. That or something went horribly, horribly wrong. So yeah, stay tuned for Geekologie 2.0: the future of the intertubes.

  • Kittie Peters


  • Kittie Peters

    This white layout is less ecologically-friendly and less aesthetically pleasing. I love the content on this site, but the white BG somehow makes it seem... fake, and strange. I wouldn't stay regular on here if I was a first-timer and saw this. Somehow it just looks teeming with viruses. 

    Weird how a change from black to white can do that, but it totally did.

  • Loving the new redesign.

  • TheLonelyBrit

    Bleh.. Not as good as the old design... It feels... Unnatural... -shudders-

  • This new site sucks, the colors are gay... I rather go read Gizmodo at this point... please give us back the real Geekologie!!!

  • Guest_Prime

    GW must've let his lady friend move in. She must've completed redecorating his place with doilies and glass figurines. Looks like she got her hand on Geekologie. IS NO PLACE SAFE!?!?!?!

  • I don't think he gets the hint...If you don't like this bright crappy layout, STOP COMMENTING!...Then maybe he'll get a clue.

  • The new layout sucks.  That is all.

  • IVPeters

    Geekologie, now with more Gizmodo.

  • Steven Bradley

    I've gotta say that I agree with most posters.  I don't like the new site.  At first I thought "WTF happened to Geekologie?"  And when I realized I was at the right site and started looking at the lay out, I realized that I don't like it.

    Please bring back the old Geekologie or if you're gonna keep this format, make it black like it used to be.

    And, to make me log in to post this comment is shitty too!

  • mikaela.ceedergren

    Black was so much better! Black feelt like chill out mode and now with the white background it makes my eyes hurt. I'm sorry but the white background does not feel like geeklogies style at all. Pleeeaase change back!
    Best regards from Mikaela.

  • Shaun Rowe

    Are you guys for real? I realise that nearly everyone is fickle to a degree but why get upset about a colour change? Surely it's the witty GW and the quality content that is the draw for this blog, not whether it's black or white with pink (which has featured in the colour scheme for as long as I can remember).

    Can't believe I just trolled you trolls!

  • Da Ka

    Dude, Eye-cancer. Can you at least offer both, the old and the new design?

  • $18876371

    Blech. It looks like a Medical Advice blog for women. It looks sterile, like it's trying to comfort me before it gives me bad news about my tits and the cancer they now are riddled with. I smell tampon boxes.

  • yeah

  • Kittie Peters


  • yeah

  • Michael Keselman

    Honestly, who made this decision, Netflix? The black background was so much kinder on the eyes.

  • grimbldoo

    I know, that's why I'm complaining to facebook, youtube, wikipedia, email providers, several forums, and even

  • Bright hurts my eyes like everyone else's bright crappy layouts. 
    Black was cool, and that should have been your starting point, not the other way around.

    Why does everybody need to copy each other? Seriously?

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