Sign Me Up!: A Real Life Jetpacking School

November 3, 2011


Jetpacks: in the future our kids will fly them to school. Well, your kids anyways -- I'm not having any. You see, despite how bottom-of-the-barrel-roll dumb I might be, I'm still smart enough to know that, while there's no question I'd make the world's greatest father, I'd make the world's worst caretaker. Telling stories, playing games and providing life lessons? Piece of cake. Willing to change diapers or remembering to feed? Not so much. My point is this: I can't even take care of myself. I haven't changed clothes since I took my wizard costume off the morning after Halloween and I haven't had anything to eat today but a leftover eggroll, a Ring-Pop, a handful of gummi peeners and two orange Starburst. Think I'm kidding? Ask my stomach. "Gumble grumble, gummi dongs." I TOLD YOU, THAT WAS THE LAST OF THE BAG! This is a commercial-y video for 'Rocketman' Eric Scott's jetpacking school. He teaches you how to fly. The Geekologie Writer's jetpacking school? I teach you how to fly in style. "I heard your last student burst into flames after getting wound up in powerlines." Oh him? He panicked when I taped the throttle down.

Hit the jump for the video.

There Is Such a Thing as Jet Pack School Where People Learn to Fly [gizmodo]

Thanks to Melissa, who doesn't need jetpack school to know how to fly because she learned from a bird. OMG -- I am like an 11 on the jealous scale right now!

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