Scientists To Produce Human Blood Component From Genetically Modified Rice

November 9, 2011


Produce human blood, or giant rice monsters? Only time will tell.

Chinese scientists at Wuhan University have successfully embedded human genes into growing rice, allowing the plants to produce Human Serum Albumin, the protein that makes up the majority of human blood "plasma". The protein that makes up the majority of human man-plasma? Little spermies.

Donated blood is separated into three components - red blood cells, platlets, which are used to aid blood clotting, and plasma, which is mainly made up of a protein called Human Serum Albumin and is given to patients suffering heavy blood loss.

By growing the genetically modified rice in fields, the researchers claim Human Serum Albumin could be mass produced for use in hospitals, reducing the need to purify it from blood donations.

"Currently commercial production of HSA is primarily based on collected human plasma, which is limited in supply, but of high clinical demand.

Farming blood from plants, ladies and gentlemen -- the future is now. Next stop: Growing entire human limbs on trees. "OMG -- legs like oaks in real life?!" Peg legs, son, peg legs. *carving 'I HEART GEEKOLOGIE' in some poor sap's future transplant*

Genetically modified rice created to produce human blood [telegraph]
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Thanks to Totally Not A Mad Scientist. Oh really? Because that sounds like exactly like something a mad scientist would say. Also, "IT'S ALIVE -- IT'S ALIVE! MWAHAHAHAHAH!!"

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