Samus Aran Mural Made From Game Cartridges

November 30, 2011


This is a "life-size" (~5'8" if she were standing upright) mural of Samus Aran made from painted Nintendo game cartridges from different systems. It was originally commissioned by used-game retailer JJGames, but now they're selling it on eBay. Presumably because they realized it looks like shit. Kidding, I'm just saying that to keep bidding down. Or am I? You and I both know this sucks.

Hit the jump for some closeups and a link to the auction.




eBay Auction
Samus Aran Artwork Made From the Blood of Your Childhood Memories [zeldainformer]

Thanks to Wilmersama, who agrees they should have made her out of Wii disks.

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  • Mike Dowling

    Even with as many cartridges they used, I don't think that's 150 lbs. I saw the auction at $11 and thought, "Not too bad." Then I noticed they're charging $187.14 for shipping. Particle board and 2x4s for backing, I bet the actual shipping cost is $60-80 and they're looking pocket the rest without eBay dipping into the cost.

  • Yay for wasting games to make a POS?

  • Cheese

    It looks like shit. What a waste of game cartridges.

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