Safety Last: A Do-It-Yourself Flamethrowing Pistol

November 11, 2011


Is that a flamethrower in your pocket or is your penis on fire for no reason?

This is a flamethrower in the form of a handgun. So it's small. There's a video of the thing failing to melt snow off the top of a grill (try the propane tank!) after the jump, as well as a link to an Instructable so you can make your own. Just don't tell your mom because you know she wouldn't approve. Impressive, but I made something similar in middle school out of a can of hairspray and lighter and set my bathroom wallpaper on fire. I'm actually only posting this because I know there's that ONE person out there that thinks this is the coolest thing since fridges with ice makers. Really hoping that person is you.

Hit the jump for the mini-flamer in action.

Moose/Bear Repellent aka FLAME THROWER [instructables]
Self-Contained Handheld Flame Thrower Seems Like A Great Way To Light Up [ohgizmo]

Thanks to Sly, who sets things on fire the old fashioned way: commanding his dragon-mount to do it for him. TROGDOR, BURNINATE!

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