Safe: A Homemade Wrist-Mounted Crossbow

November 2, 2011


Ezio Auditore called -- he said you better forward the schematics to da Vinci for him.

This is a professional looking wrist-mounted crossbow entirely homemade by A+ shop student Patrick Priebe. Entirely homemade by the Geekologie Writer? This lasagna. "I can see the Stouffer's box in the trash." Oh shishi. *dives out window with chef's hat parachute*

It even has a laser sight, which is powered by two AA-batteries which are tucked on his palm along with the laser sight's toggle. The wristbow's bolts are made of carbon fiber tubing with brass and steel tips, although crossbow connoisseurs might balk at his bolts because they have fletching - the feathery things near the back of the arrow - which bolts are not supposed to have.

Hey, I don't care if crossbow bolts are supposed to have fletching or not, if you're pointing it at me I'm still gonna give you my wallet. Then, when you turn to leave, I jumpkick you from behind, make you eat your own fist, and blow a hole through the back of your neck! Your body will be found under a bridge with both hands super-glued between your butt cheeks (my new calling card).

Hit the jump for a silent demo.

DIY Wrist-Mounted Crossbow: Wrist Augmentation [technabob]

Thanks to skunkfish, who may or may yes be the one responsible for making the whole pond smell like ass.

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