Sadness: The Crashed Ferrari Coffee Table

November 21, 2011


This is a coffee table containing the compacted remains of a Ferrari inside constructed by designer Charly Molinelli. It serves as a somber reminder of the dangers of driving a Ferrari into a car compactor. Gosh, it's so sad I can barely look at it. But you know what would be even sadder? An any-other-car coffee table.

Hit the jump for several more of the sadness.






Crashed Ferrari Table [molinellidesign]
Crashed Your Ferrari? Make it into a Stylish Coffee Table [obviouswinner]

Thanks to Tomas, whose coffee table may or may yes be a stack of Playboy and Game Informer magazines.

  • Darth_Spartan

    Poor Magnum PI, he will be totally missed.

  • Davidsadi

    fugly table

  • So this is just a bunch of mangled red metal with a Ferrari emblem and a European license plate.

  • At least I'm not the only one who noticed that Ferrari bodies aren't made of metal.

  • Let's go into business together and market these to the ultra-rich at half the price of the other company. We'll make millions!

  • we could afford to crash REAL Ferraris!

  • Eighth?

  • jaime_arg

    that shit must be heavy... forget about the maid ever cleaning under it.

  • Pitiiing

    where's the toyota corolla table?

  • second!

  • Alejandro Mantecón Guillén


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