Rx Booze Flask: Finally, The Medicine For My Sickness

November 28, 2011


Booze: it's the best medicine. "No way, GW -- weed FTW." YOU SHUT YOUR HIPPIE MOUTH, STONER. You're right though, they're both great provided you've graduated high school AND HAVE A F***ING JOB. This is a prescription booze flask. It looks official. Not sure if a cop is gonna let you go if you produce it from your pocket, but my guess is no. You ever spent a night in the drunk tank before? It's not as much fun as it sounds. "It doesn't sound like any fun." Well it's even unfunner than that. Plus if you ever have touse the bathroom you have to do it right in front of 12 other dudes. It's not the kind of situation where humming loud can muffle the sound of turds hitting the water.

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Take Two Before Bed And Don't Bother Calling In The Morning: Rx Label Flask [incrediblethings]

Thanks to TSNDD, who agrees that alcohol has by far the most desirable side effects compared to all the wack-ass pills they're always advertising on TV. Rectal bleeding? No thanks!

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