Run My Little Starfish Friends, RUN!: Ultra-Cold Brinicle (Brine + Icicle) Of Death Kills Everything In Its Path

November 23, 2011


This is a time-lapse video from the BBC of a brinicle doing its thing. A brinicle is formed when brine (extra salty water -- both denser and colder than the sea water around it) makes its way through the ice above and falls to the ocean floor, creating a frozen hollow "sheath" in the process. After hitting the seabed, it forms a frozen "river", killing everything in its path. It's pretty amazing to watch, provided you can get past all the poor starfish getting frozen alive. That's probably why they chose to have David Attenborough narrate the clip. That guy's voice, so soothing. He could tell me bedtime stories about serial killer robots tearing my body limb from limb and I'd still sleep like a baby. "Waking up every four hours to shit your diaper and then cry about it?" Like clockwork.

Hit the jump for the frozen river of death and a worthwhile picture of the setup used to capture the action.


'Brinicle' ice finger of death filmed in Antarctic [bbcnews]

Thanks to R-Man Frostbite, who, WHOA BRO -- YOUR FINGERS ARE TURNING BLACK!

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