'ROSA' Delivers in Goth Android Action

November 21, 2011


Hollywood is always on the lookout for new, young talent that can make cheap things look expensive--like how rhinestones do with sweatshirts. Thus, Spanish comic book artist-turned-director Jesús Orellana has been building a name for himself for an stylish, action-filled, ten-minute film he made himself without a budget. Titled ROSA, the short combines Matrix-y fights and post-apocalyptic visuals with arbitrarily-tear-streaked eyeliner and John Woo's tendency to add slow-motion winged creatures to action scenes. Since ROSA's internet debut just over a week ago, already producers and studios have taken an interest in developing it into a live-action film to fill the vinyl-clad action void left when we run out of Underworlds, so let's take a look at it:

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