Robot Controlling Human's Arm With Electric Impulses

November 16, 2011


The robot apocalypse nears, blah blah blah, if you don't believe me already you probably never will and, quite frankly, don't deserve to survive the uprising. I'm not saying I'm going to throw you to the robots, but I will tie your shoelaces together and club your knees so you're the first to go. This is a video of a robot CONTROLLING A HUMAN'S ARM BY SHOCKING IT. Zip zap, you're punching yourself.

Researchers in France have given a small robot the ability to directly control a living human's arm by running electricity through his muscles.

The researchers have some story about how it's for therapeutic purposes -- a robot can use this ability to help a paralyzed human -- and also that co-opting human limbs is more cost-effective than building expensive, carefully engineered robot limbs.

Wow, teaching robots how to shock humans to get what they want? This is gonna end poorly. This game of Scrabble? It's gonna end with me flipping the board screaming, "BAGODICKS ISN'T A REAL WORD AND YOU KNOW IT!"

Hit the jump for the future of wiping your ass. Ooooooor stabbing yourself in the butt with an empty toilet paper roll.

Robot Manipulates Humans' Arms With Electric Stimulation [popsci]

Thanks to ProfBob and Zombiepartz, who'd rather break both arms than have a robot control them. Okaaaaaaaay, a little extreme but admirable nonetheless.

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