57-Story Porsche Designed Highrise Features Car Elevator That Drops Both Car And Resident Off At Unit

November 23, 2011


Note: Picture is of Volkswagen's 20-story robotic parking garage.

A $650-million, 57-story highrise designed by Porsche is going up in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida and will feature a robotic car elevator that takes condo owners directly to their door while still in the vehicle. That...sounds convenient. Convenient and terrifying. I guess that's the price you pay for not having to carry groceries. Carry groceries, LOL -- units are $9-million.

After the resident pulls over and switches off the engine, a robotic arm that works much like an automatic plank will scoop up the car and put it into the elevator. Once at the desired floor, the same robotic arm will park the car, leaving the resident nearly in front of his front door.

The glass elevators will give residents and their guests unparalleled views of the city or of the ocean during their high-speed ride, expected to last 45 to 90 seconds.

The 57-story luxury tower will have 132 units. Smaller units will be allocated two parking spaces and larger ones will have four, with 284 robotic parking spaces in total. There will be three elevators.

Residents will be able to see their cars from their living rooms.

Can you hear that? It's my Explorer crying because he'll never get to experience this. "He's not crying, he's leaking oil." Yeah I call that crying. "Well at least put a flattened piece of cardboard down." Tissues -- I call those tissues.

At planned Sunny Isles Beach condo, cars and drivers ride elevator home [miamiherald]

Thanks to daniel, who just lands his helicopter on the roof like a normal filthy rich person.

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