Painful: Girls Rapping About Windows Phone

November 18, 2011


Seen here shaming their families, Cringey McVista and the Windhoes 98 crew or whatever rap about their love for the Windows 7 phone. It's...pretty much as bad as it gets. It's the kind of video that, not only do you find yourself embarrassed to watch and feel bad for the girls, but you start wondering how they're gonna wake up tomorrow and be able to live with themselves. Not very easily, I know that (I've done way worse).

Hit the jump for the even you could do better (and I almost never say that).

Watch Some Girls Rap About Windows Phone 7 [gizmodo]

Thanks to Emily, who I'm really praying isn't the same Emily from the video. You totally killed it if you are though! Tthose other girls are just holding you back.

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