Origami Expert Creates Folding Ukulele Kits

November 15, 2011


Brian Chen, best know as the origami expert who created these Batman, Iron Man andWall-E models, is back at, this time WITH FOLDABLE UKULELE KITS OF HIS OWN DESIGN. This soprano-sized kit, which takes "about half a day" to construct will set you back around $85, or you can get a "supermini" version for $75. Good lookin', Brian. I used to have a guitar that you could remove the neck from for travel but I ended up losing the body. Now I just have a stick. That's the problem with a lot of stringed instruments -- their necks are so long it makes them hard to transport. Unfortunately, same goes for flamingos. Really wish I'd thought of that. *sadly hanging 'CLOSED FOR BUSINESS' sign in the window of GW's Flamingo Import/Export*

Hit the jump for a bunch more shots of the finished products, a short video of Brian explaining the design, and a link to the sale page.







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