Oh Yeah, Real Incognito: The Dual Booze Backpack

November 30, 2011


Your mannequin: he needs an ass and a belt.

This is a backpack with two integrated 4-quart beverage containers and really long straws. The mannequin in the picture? He filled his with tea. I'm gonna fill mine with milk and cookies. No, no I'm not. I'm gonna fill one side with bourbon and the other WITH BLOOD. It's the secret to my power. "What power?" The power of intimidation. You know how many people will still wanna fight after watching a man drink blood? Only the ones you should run away from.

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Dual Drink Backpack [thisiswhyimbroke]

Thanks to Tigi Turnbot, who just tied a piece of rope to the handles of two milk jugs and slung them over his shoulders. Thrifty, I like it.

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