Oh No You Di'int!: A Terrifying Spider-Bot

November 3, 2011


This is a robotic spider developed by the Fraunhofer Institute *adds to shit list* and designed to locate gas leaks *brap!* or provide recon in radiated areas unsafe for humans. Unsafe for humans?! There's nothing too unsafe for a human if you're paying enough. One time I saw a barefoot bum jump off a 5-gallon bucket onto a pile of broken bottles for less than the cost of a value meal. You think he wouldn't risk growing a peener out the side of his head for $50? You're crazy.

The 'bot is highly mobile and uses hydraulics for powering its legs. Each leg has a bellows system that forces fluid into the legs to make the robot scurry about.

The researchers think the robots will be relatively cheap to produce as well, making it easy to use in situations where the robot might not be able to return.

Oh man, I like this idea of putting robots in situations where they might not return. Hey spiderbot, go investigate that volcano -- tell us if you can swim across it. But seriously, WHY THE F*** DOES IT HAVE TO LOOK LIKE A SPIDER?! There' just no good raisins. "You mean reasons?" No I mean raisins -- my ants on a log are just logs today.

Spider Robot is Creepy, But Helpful [technabob]

Thanks to Marco, who agrees there is NO WAY this thing needs to look like a damn spider.

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