Oh Goody: A Brain-Emulating Computer Chip

November 16, 2011


Researchers at MIT have created a computer chip that emulates the way the human brain responds to learning, heralding the future of artificial intelligence and, undoubtedly, humanity's demise. *drinking the Kool-Aid* Robots will never take me alive! "You forgot to add poison." I didn't forget, I'm just a pussy. *plays dead until the robots leave*

With about 400 transistors, the silicon chip can simulate the activity of a single brain synapse -- a connection between two neurons that allows information to flow from one to the other. The researchers anticipate this chip will help neuroscientists learn much more about how the brain works, and could also be used in neural prosthetic devices such as artificial retinas...

Interesting MIT, but the question remains: what does that GRHH printed on the chip mean? Because I've seen enough movies to know there's obviously some sort of connection between it and a diabolical organization hellbent on world domination. Back me up, James Bond! "Where's your sister?" I dunno, PROBABLY CRYING IN HER ROOM FROM THE LAST TIME YOU BANGED HER AND NEVER CALLED THE NEXT DAY.

Mimicking the brain, in silicon [mitnews]

Thanks to Pells G, who agrees a computer chip that can emulate any video game console would be even cooler.

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