Nowhere Near Life-Size Papercraft Gundam

November 10, 2011


Taras Lesko went and built himself a 7-ft tall Gundam model out of paper. Paper, man! It still boggles my mind we can cut trees so thin. I guess they use like a giant version of one of those meat slicers from the deli. One time a friend tried to tell me paper's actually made from wood pulp that's been pressed together, but then I challenged him to make some paper out of my oatmeal and he couldn't do it. Mostly because I'd already added just the right amount of butter and brown sugar and wouldn't let him try, but I think he got the point. What he didn't get, was a bite. Oh hell no bro, this is Quaker Oats DINOSAUR EGG oatmeal -- I will f***ing murder you.

Hit the jump for several more shots and a couple videos.







Taras' Facebook and Vimeo (with more pictures and video)
It's a GUNDAM! [albotas]

Thanks to Clark, who once tried making a papercraft Voltron but his dad wouldn't let him keep it in the garage and it turned to mush during a rainstorm.

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