Nokia's Wack-Ass Flexible Cell Phone Concept

November 10, 2011


This is the Nokia HumanForm, a nonexistent phone that, despite the name, doesn't look anything like a person. It's just a concept by Nokia, presumably because they f***ed up and ordered a bunch of oblong parts from a supplier and plan on passing them off to consumers. I'm on to you, Nokia! No I'm not, that was just a guess. There's a video after the jump highlighting all of the HumanForm's futuristic features like gesture interaction, entirely touch-sensitive case, flex controls, electro-tactile "image feeling", mood recognition, non-verbal communication, and more that's pretty much it. Plus it's shaped like a dildo. Seriously, Nokia -- a dildo phone? Thanks but no thanks -- I'm holding out for a buttplug one. Get it? Because I'm a dude.

Hit the jump for the video.

Nokia's Crazy Bendy Kinetic Concept Blew Your Mind? Watch This! [techcrunch]

Thanks to James, who invented a phone in the shape of an egg but it never caught on because it always made it look like your nuts were bulging in in your pants. And that's a BAD thing?!

  • Laurent Maulin

    It does'nt look that cool to me i still will go for any Sony device than a Nokia, look at this cool looking Xperia Zr and tell me what you think about it. To me it's merely jewelery and luxury :)

  • Mvivanc

    I like turtles

  • Scot

    At 0:18 it looks like a mishapen panty liner

  • malkatz

    LOL at "skin joystick." If I had a penis, I'd be calling it that from now on.

  • I really don't know if I like that kind of sensitive tactile interface. 

    Frankly, if our technology advances to the point where we can embed nanochips to intelligent elastomers, then it should also give us the ability to interact with our electronic devices by mind-control alone.

    People are crashing their cars while texting as it is. Now imagine if they have to shake and twist their phones also!

  • GeekologieCommenter

    All the people bitching, he heard you out... we're getting it changed back, let's all just chill.

    To the Ass hats trying to talk shit on cave dwellers making asinine remarks like "go get laid and do something to make yourself less pathetic" you are a perfect example of why this white background has to go.  Just like a moth to flame it's attracting hipster douche bags and the like... I know pink on white is hard to say no to for you, but keep in mind this site is called GEEKologie and showcases some of the nerdiest and coolest shit known to date (not talking about you stretch bendy phone, you look like a frustrating hot mess) for all the cave dwelling, basement tromping, mountain dew guzzling freaks n geeks of the world. 

    GW ty for listening and look forward to the black revision.... or may the wrath of robots be upon you for your negligence.

  • SomethingThatKillsPeople

    God I hope this becomes a reality. It should stretch out though. THAT would be awesome.

  • That phone looks interesting.

    Ridiculous but interesting.
    It doesn't look like a dildo though, well not like any I've had.

    Also, nice site redesign. Keep up the good work.

  • Horrible concept. Smartphones shouldn't go that way.

  • You people need to stop bitching about something as stupid as "How bright the website is" and do something with your life. Saying "It makes me want to vomit" is bullshit. Go get laid or just do something that doesn't make you so pathetic.

    I also think those phones seem too good to be true. I'll stick with my Blackberry.

  • MY EYES ARE BURNING!!! Please bring back the old website template  or make this darker. MUCH DARKER!

  • please go back to the old color scheme at least, this new template feels ]much too corporate

  • trimdelatrim

    Type your comment here.Hey GW. If they ever put them into production, and you raffle some off. Rig it so that Daniel wins….Then he can shove it up his ass. Keep up tha good work GW.

  • SZMatheson

    I'm liking the new layout and I feel obligated to say this because of all the bitching. Light on Dark is for headaches and 40% traffic reductions! Perhaps if all the readers here weren't sitting in unlit basements the reaction would have been better.

  • SomethingThatKillsPeople

    Science has proven that black backgrounds reduces the amount of energy used. WHITE BACKGROUNDS KILL THE PLANET

  • Um, that was true on the old computer monitors; not so with LCD backlight ones.


  • zeldasbff

    eww it looks as if that'd feel like a dr. scholls foot massaging shoe insert is on your face.

    and "feel the image" really?  by the time I can feel an image, cell phones better be nothing more than a chip implanted in my head. (I might regret saying that someday)

  • SomethingThatKillsPeople

    It's going to be a requirement. You'll be born and immediately have your chip implanted, which will include RFID that stores your credit information (cash will be gone) and will pre-determine your career as well.

  • Sinzz

    because people would want to watch videos on an oblong egg...

  • MgenGlder

    "Concept", I guess that means we won't be seeing this for a long, long while.

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