Nokia's Wack-Ass Flexible Cell Phone Concept

November 10, 2011


This is the Nokia HumanForm, a nonexistent phone that, despite the name, doesn't look anything like a person. It's just a concept by Nokia, presumably because they f***ed up and ordered a bunch of oblong parts from a supplier and plan on passing them off to consumers. I'm on to you, Nokia! No I'm not, that was just a guess. There's a video after the jump highlighting all of the HumanForm's futuristic features like gesture interaction, entirely touch-sensitive case, flex controls, electro-tactile "image feeling", mood recognition, non-verbal communication, and more that's pretty much it. Plus it's shaped like a dildo. Seriously, Nokia -- a dildo phone? Thanks but no thanks -- I'm holding out for a buttplug one. Get it? Because I'm a dude.

Hit the jump for the video.

Nokia's Crazy Bendy Kinetic Concept Blew Your Mind? Watch This! [techcrunch]

Thanks to James, who invented a phone in the shape of an egg but it never caught on because it always made it look like your nuts were bulging in in your pants. And that's a BAD thing?!

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