Contacts That Beam Info Directly Into Your Eyeball

November 23, 2011


Wait -- IT'S 2011?! Thanks bionic contact!

Because the University of Washington obviously doesn't take threats written on bar napkins and addressed to "you Terminator loving pencil-peens" seriously, they've decided to proceed with their bionic contact experiments and have successfully applied contact lenses to rabbits that can display one "pixel" worth of information. So basically just a blinking light. But rabbits don't even know Morse code!

In the future, contact lens systems may receive data from external platforms (e.g. mobile phones) and provide real-time notification of important events. As contact lens based biosensors advance, they may alert the wearer of physiological anomalies, such as irregular glucose or lactate levels. With more colors and increased resolution, contact lenses may display text, be used with gaming devices, or offer cues from navigation systems. Our long-term goal is to create a display that can be comfortably worn in the form of a contact lens, which will include a pixel array, focusing optics, an antenna, and circuitry for power harvesting, radio communication, and pixel control.

Sure they could do all that, but all they'll really do is make it even easier for kids to cheat on tests. And -- AND -- allow hackers to take control of your eyeballs. I can see it now: "p@y M3 $1-Milli0n 0r i'LL bUrn Y0ur F***Ing 3y38@ll5 0U7 0F Y0ur h3@D." Literally, I SEE that now. Nice try, haxor, but I don't even have a million dollars! *eyeballs sizzling* EEEEEEEEEEEE!! *running into bank with a grocery bag over my head*

In the future, you might read e-mail on digitally enhanced contact lenses [cnn]

Thanks to Thaylor and chris, who actually think this is a great idea and regret getting LASIK.

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