Nintendo x West Coast Customs Make IRL Mario Karts

November 18, 2011


Nintendo teamed up with West Coast Customs to create two fully functional front-wheel drivereal-life Mario Karts for display at the Los Angeles Auto Show. This is Mario's classic kart here but there's a Luigi bee-mobile or whatever after the jump. Both are impressive and I'd pay upwards of $12 for the opportunity to drive one. "Why $12?" Because that's how much admission to the show costs. I'm gonna steal one and drive it home on the freeway! *slips on own banana peel, gets red-shelled by the po-po*

Hit the jump for a couple closeups and the other car, as well as a link to Autoblog's coverage with even more shots.








Nintendo partners with West Coast Customs to build full-size Mario Karts [autoblog]

Thanks to Chuey "the rock n roll" midget, not to be confused with Chuey "the country & western" midget. Big little difference (they're midgets).

  • Mar

    Loveeee it!! So awesome.


    All They need is there ability's and let's not forget the red turtle shells!!!


  • was saying the same thing :)

  • The_Beezer

    Front Wheel Drive?

    so wrong...

  • zhangaa

    So much hype! Does anyone remember what John F. Kennedy
    had to say about the iPhone 5 Craze:http://www.proxy4biz.c...

  • Jacob Kastensmidt

    Where do I put the mushrooms?

  • Mighty Molecule

    ...shits weak. build IRL bowser and then will talk...

  • Make 3 more and its on like donky kong......literally.

  • Fuck yes! It's like trippin' on shrooms!

  • Michael Kronor

    NICE DESIGN Geekolo

  • Bumblebee! :D

  • MorningPanda

    Oh first-tards, your posts will never be the same.

  • David Lerer

    not enough doctor who references here, i applaud you good mate!

  • rikster81

    I WANT SO BAD!!!!

  • first!!

    and i want one :D

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