Nice Shootin' Tex: Guy Recreates Ocelot's Metal Gear Solid Gunspinning Routines

November 7, 2011


I know the screencap is kind of blurry, but those are guns in the air. Also, THE LEAST COOL PLACE I CAN THINK OF TO PERFORM YOUR METAL GEAR SOLID GUNSPINNING ROUTINE. "Hey mom -- don't come in the living room for the next five minutes." God, go outside and stand in front of a tree or something, shit!

Hit the jump for this guy and a bunch of others, only one of which doesn't take place in a sad looking bedroom.

Sweet animal poster bro.

Watch Men Recreate Insane Metal Gear Solid Gun Tricks [kotaku]

Thanks to David, who agrees a green-screen would have gone a long way for these guys.

  • ShaneJax

    Gee nice video game blatant copying of Johnny Ringo's gun play routine from the movie Tombstone.

  • NIc El3ctro

    The new site sucks more than the last guy's analogy.

  • Sean Ellery

    the new site look sucks more than a truckful of vaccum cleaners...

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