Pokemon Card Freakout At Toys R Us, Kid Throws Snorlax-Sized Hissy Fit

November 3, 2011


This is a video of a kid's mom refusing to buy him more Pokemon cards at Toys R Us, and the kid losing his Pokemind in the middle of the store. At first I thought it was fake because why would you be film yourself talking at the checkout of a toy store, then I realized the kid had already started his downward spiral into hysteria BEFORE the film started rolling. Now I'm not saying if I were that kid's mother I'd have breasts I would've made him walk home, because that's how you get your kids abducted. No, I would have tied a rope around his waist and made him tow the car home. That way I could keep an eye on him. *tapping head* Always thinking, this one.

Hit the jump for the wrap it up public service announcement.

Kid Denied Pokémon Cards, Completely Freaks Out [kotaku]

Thanks to Meghan, who has all the Pokemon cards she could ever want, which is zero because she only plays Yu-Gi-Oh.

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