Mirrorcycle Blends Into Surroundings (Poorly)

November 8, 2011


Moto Undone (just like the top few buttons of my blouse!) is a conceptual electric motorcycle designed by Joey Ruiter. When seen from a blurry ant's-eye-view, the bike almost seems to disappear. When seen clearly at normal height, it looks like a dude humping a mirror because he's convinced he's the fairest one of all.

Moto is an electric motorcycle inside a block of polished metal. Its 1000w 48v electric hub motor will run for three hours, or around 90 miles, and runs silently. This stealthy motor combines with the chameleon-like skin to make a bike that you won't see -- or hear -- coming.

Sure, it may not be safe, but from a distance it looks like the rider is just flying above the asphalt.

Safety shmafety -- if I was wanted to compromise looking cool for safety I wouldn't have cut the entire top off my car and replaced the front seats with a couch. "Let me guess -- the back seat is a futon." Futon, please -- rocking chairs, bro. I have a lot of elderly friends.

Hit the jump for some less-invisible shots.




Joey's Design Site
Invisible Mirrored Bike Is (Almost) Invisible [wired]

Thanks to Chris G., who actually rides a rocket-powered broomstick. Now THAT -- that's how you score some Harry Potter fangirls.

  • Daniel Galvin

    Why would you want a motorcycle that's HARDER to see??

  • James Bosch

    worst and most deadly idea ever!

  • boooooooo

    All most as shitty as the new site design 

  • Oh, yeah, thats what bikes need... to be LESS noticeable!

    This isn't even cool enough to make up for what an irresponsible product it is.

  • Flat rear tyre is flat.

  • Jonjon Rodaz

    This new layout is....impossible to read. It's ADD. It's a cluster cuss of text and icons. The only part I like is the new top menu portion. Bring back the old color scheme and layout.

  • Aerodynamic and non-blinding other drivers with the sun reflection... optional

  • j3lunt

    Who put the lights on? I was more fond of the dark erie corner of the web I called home than this brightly lit mansion. 

  • EduArdo Juärez


  • Connor Morgan


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