Mario & Luigi Choreographed Nunchuck Routine

November 14, 2011


This is a video of Mario and Luigi swinging nunchucks around to the original Super Mario theme. It's OKAY, but I would have liked to see a little bit more aggressiveness with the chucks. I mean, you're not exactly gonna scare the goombas away swinging those things around like they're fragile. Just saying, I've got a pair of nunchucks and I swing 'em around like a raver on ecstasy would glowsticks. Watch. *FLIP FLOP FLIP FLAP WHIP WHOP!* Well? "...Are those two dildos tied together?" Maybe.

Hit the jump for the you will never save the princess!

OMG it's Mario and Luigi [sayomg]

Thanks to Suz, who agrees these two could learn a thing or two from Michelangelo.

  • George Hamilton

    The video sucked balls, I cant believe this is what what passes for geek nowadays. I took a shit that looked like Mario, I should have taken a picture of it so it could have been posted here instead.

    P.S.  Bring back the black, the white burns my retina's .

  • could they move any slower?

  • Wow... Not even good. This is the 1st degree black belt nun chuck form from the American Taekwondo Association (ATA)... when I tested for my 2nd degree, I could do this form in my f-ing sleep. Plus they sucked balls at it. I swear I never looked that retarded!

  • MgenGlder

    Thanks, Buzz Killington. 

  • make. it. black. again. pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaseee.

  • megaluis15

    well....that surely sucked...

  • If you turn the sound down, you can actually hear yourself getting dumber while you watch this ... go on, try it!

  • Would have been better if it ended with one of them accidently nut checking themselves. What good are chucks if you don't mess yourself up.

  • Azariel_z

    Or hit the glass..

  • WOW how enthusiastic were they. WOW back when i was into martial arts i would never let someone record me doing that. I dont mean the mario outfit. That was about the worst i have seen.

    Good skill but step up the excitement. I sure hope you dont plan to enterain others with this.

  • This_Update_Sucks

    Worst. Mario. Voice. Ever.

  • Joxer the mighty

    Worst. White. Background. Ever.

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