Man Shoots Neighbor For Telepathic Threats

November 2, 2011


Seen here looking exactly like the kind of person you'd expect to shoot a neighbor after accusing them of telepathic threats, 53-year old batshit stupid Michael Selleneil stares down a police department camera for trying to steal his soul.

The suspect insisted to investigators that Pierce had been "telepathically threatening" himself and his wife...

Selleneit, has a "diminished mental capacity," according to Fox 13. Police say he believed Pierce was attempting to break into his trailer -- an allegation the suspect had lobbed at other neighbors before.

God, I can't imagine what Selleneit hadn't lobbed at his neighbors before. Because I probably would have moved out after feces. Also, was the neighbor he shot in a wheelchair? Because this idiot's is gonna have a hard time proving it was Professor Xavier if he wasn't.

Michael Selleneit, Utah Man, Shoots Neighbor For 'Telepathically Threatening' Him [huffingtonpost]

Thanks to Amber, who threatens neighbors at the top of her lungs like a normal person.

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