Man Severs Fingertip, Grows New One From Stomach

November 17, 2011


Belly button lint? You got a belly button finger, bro!

20-year old Chinese furniture worker Wang Yongjun lost the tip of his middle finger flipping the wrong person the bird to a circular saw. It's all good though because doctors sewed his hand to his stomach and apparently he's growing a new one sans nail. Wait, WHAT?!

Doctors operated and attached Wang's finger to his stomach in the hope that new skin and muscle would grow around it.

Dr Huang said the technique was a way of restoring blood circulation to the injured finger so that the body could repair itself.

He says the surgery was a complete success and that Wang would have a brand new fingertip - separated from his stomach - within a month.

Admittedly, that's pretty cool. What wouldn't be cool is tripping and tearing your hand from your stomach trying to catch yourself. That would be nasty. Butt-ass nasty.

Hit the jump for the uncensored shot. WARNING: Sausage-y.


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Thanks to kira, who's just thankful they didn't sew it to his wiener.

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