Man Arrested After Getting Anti-Aircraft Shell Stuck In Keister During Sex Game

November 7, 2011


Picture related...enough.

A 50-year old Croatian man has been arrested after seeking medical help to remove a live 11-cm anti-aircraft shell from his butt after getting it stuck up there during a sex game. The deadliest sex game. You...have been hanging out with a bad crowd.

After the doctors removed the 11cm long shell, it was handed over to a member of the police anti-explosives unit, the paper said.

A Zagreb police spokesman confirmed the incident but would not give any details as the authorities are still investigating. If other illegal weapons are found in the man's home, he could face criminal charges.

Oh they're gonna find some more illegal weapons alright. If you think for one second a guy who plays anti-aircraft butt bomber or whatever doesn't sleep with the ring-pin of a live grenade around his wiener, you're crazy as he is (but only half the sexual deviant).

Croat man risks charges after explosive sex game [straitstimes]

Thanks to Daniel and Samuel L., who wonder if he started with buckshot and musket balls and worked his way up or if he just went straight for the gusto.

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