Magical Superhydrophobic Spray Makes Chocolate Syrup Slide Right Off Your Keds (FINALLY!!1)

November 11, 2011


Ross Nanotechnology's NeverWet spray is a can of magic. Oooooooor silicon-based superhydrophobic spray that can make liquids "shoot off" anything it's applied to. And speaking of hydrophobics: come on, what do you have against gays?! They're people just like you and me except better dressed than you and nowhere near as sassy as me. Oh man, you should have seen me stick it this bartender Wednesday. I was all, "oh hellllllllllllll no you didn't just put that sorry-lookin' cherry in my drink! I want another one AND IT BETTER BE ON A LITTLE PIRATE CUTLASS." That's when they asked me to leave. Just watch the video and imagine the possibilities (I imagine raincoats because I'm an outside-the-box thinker).

Hit the jump for chocolatey Keds no more!


Thanks to Marco, who agrees there's obviously a little sorcerer in each can. Right? There's just no other way.

  • que bueno estan las keds asi llenas de cocholate

  • miezeljotschek

    Where can I buy that stuff??

  • tnoldon

    Oh snap! our company made this site.

  • miezeljotschek

    What do you mean by that?

  • Guest

    Would it be weird to spray a drinking cup with this? Would the water just shoot up like a rocket? *pour* KAAABOOOOOSSSSSHHHHHHH!!!!! oh wonderful I have a hole in the ceiling.

  • Adam Talbot

    GW dropped the ball.. there is only so long ima let you leave down there. this 'revamp' is hurting my happiness :(
    awesome product btw :P 

  • Glad I'm a web developer and can just change the color scheme for myself. muahaha

  • Johan Broad

    WANT!!! This would be awesome for motorcyclists!

    one other thing:  LOSE THE WHITE BACKGROUND!!!!

    It looks like the page never finished loading!
    Seriously, the new look is just not working. go back to the old one, or get a better designer.


  • rajasa

    where can i buy this?

  • First...FUCK! Not again!

    I'll never be first. :(

  • Jason Reynolds

    GW, I have been a loyal fan of your site and words for many years now. I must say though that to not even acknowledge that your fans are not happy and offer reassurance that they are heard will and is alienating your fan base. Talk to them GW, otherwise I can guarantee that it will have a profound impact on your fan base as well as your site's revenue. 
     I want things to go back to how they were...this isn't home. 

  • Guest

    Is it weird to anyone else here that there seems to be a new Geekologie Writer but they're trying to write like the previous GW... like to trick us or something...?

    We all know people take vacations and/or get different jobs and stuff -  So why the attempted fake out..?  It doesn't suit you Geekologie and the new faked-writing-style comes off flat.

    Wouldn't it be funny if I were wrong?  To me especially.

  • bayu wahyuadi

    wtf GW, first you changed the layout, and then the writing style somewhat become more formal(i think i'm still biased with the newiness), and now i realized that you deleted the comments on old post!!1!11!! this is just too much for me to handle, no more LOLs from reading the hillarious old comments anymore :(,  nothing to enjoy here anymore, all the good things must eventually end, good bye GW :(...

  • black

  • this is going to be a war of attrition... you change back to something the people want... or you're just going to have people like me posting forever about how much we hate your site now... and many others never coming back to said site.  

    That huge sucking sound you hear.... it's your AD revenue disappearing.

  • slip and slides... !!

  • smacca

    What about the thing that it lands on after it slides off? 

  • I want that for my shoes

  • AtlantIQ Society

    I'm sick of this white blinding site with articles that I have to click one by one...
    goodbye Geekologie... you were my favourite page, but I don't recognize you anymore...

  • Peter_Pedro


    jk :)

  • Jeeeesus Christ.  How hard is it to use the middle click instead of left click to open a new tab?

    If you don't have a mouse with a middle click... FUCKING BUY ONE!

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