Magic!: Scientists Produce Light From 'Nothingness'

November 22, 2011


I dunno, those look like little Pac-Man ghosts to me.

A group of Swedish scientists have allegedly produced real-life photons from "virtual" ones. How do we know they're not lying? We don't. That's why I say we raid their lab, steal all their notes, and ask questions later. Namely: how can we use this to build a time machine. Answer me! *waving Swiss Army knife* Answer me or I'll cut you with your own knife! "That's Swiss, we're Swedish." OH F*** -- OF GUMMI FISH FAME?!

Quantum theory predicts that empty space isn't really empty. No matter how empty it seems, there will constantly be this seething foam of "virtual particles" that pop in and out of existence for no particular reason...

If you're very clever, like these Swedish witches physicists, you can take those virtual particles and turn them into real particles, effectively creating something out of nothing. If you can get a mirror [vibrating] incredibly fast...some of the virtual photons that pop into existence on its surface won't have time to disappear again before the mirror runs into them. The energy of these virtual photons then gets absorbed by the mirror, which then spits the energy back out, but as real photons.

Damn, that's some pretty deep shit right there. I'm talking "snuck out of your bedroom in high school to tongue-kiss a boy and got caught" deep shit. Grounded till college. So, you think there are any other kinds of virtual particles floating around out there that we could make appear? Please say sandwich ones, please say sandwich ones. "No." But I'm huuuuuuuuungry.

Swedes create light from absolute nothingness, God updates resume [dvice]

Thanks to Bryce, who doesn't believe in virtual particles. Oh really? Then how do you explain smelly gas?

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