Lunatic Tries To Drive Car Off Tow-Truck Crane

November 8, 2011


This is a terrible, butt-ass quality video of some lunatic trying to drive his Mazda off a tow truck's crane. Presumably because he's wasted and wants the police to shoot him. Also, I've never seen a tow-truck like that -- it kind of reminds me of one of those claw machines from an arcade. ...Are you thinking what I'm thinking? I'm gonna win myself a Lamborghini! What do you want? "To not be an accomplice." Haha, I already stole your identity to pay for the truck -- now hop in, we'll find you a Porsche.

Hit the jump for the Transformer orgy gone horribly, horribly wrong. Worth watching to the end if you're into it.

Mazda driver fights crazy claw tow truck [autoblog]

Thanks to huskybrian, who, with 15 other huskies, could have towed that Mazda across Alaska in the f***ing snow.

  • David Spearow

    Sticking it to the man!

  • EduArdo Juärez

    I am not amused, this has been done before, Homer Simpson, New York.

  • This happened in Serbia, it was in the media here :D
    One more vote for old black Geekologie design, it was a lot better and unique..

  • dat laugh eheheheheheheehe

  • $20059666

    The new deisng isn't terrible, just give it the old style motif (black and pink with white-ish text).

  • axonneuron

    Crazy Russian, super claw tow truck will own you

  • Becky Taylor

    fucking moron was just ruining his car... now instead of a night in jail and a couple hundred dollars to get his car out of impound... he's going to spend to spend thousands on repairs to his car, the tow truck, and end up spending more than one night in the drunk tank.

    and I assume Geekologie was secretly taken over by a woman, who likes pink, and tied up our own GW in the basement, to which he probably didn't put up much of a fight (pretty sure he would like that kind of stuff).

    can we please just have the dark background back...?
    jesus fucking christ it used my full name...

  • Slenderpony

    The image would be so much easier to see on a black background.

    Is it just me, or is Geekologie loading /REALLY SLOW/ now with the layout change?

  • Ömer Talha Yağcı

    and also it uses 80MB of ram! it's a lot for a blog.

  • Is it black yet?

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