London's 33-Foot Tall LEGO Christmas Tree

November 30, 2011


Because LEGO and Christmas go together like stirring peas & corn into instant mashed potatoes (aka shitter's pie), a 33-ft LEGO Christmas tree was erected in London's St Pancras (the patron saint of internal organs) station. And this is it. It's tall and plastic. Me? I'm short and fleshy. Kidding, I'm tall and as handsome as a penis wearing a bow-tie. "And tuxedo?" Okay now you're just being ridiculous.

Hit the jump for a ton more pictures, at least one of which features an annoyed looking girl on a cell phone. It's like a really shitty Where's Waldo!








Lego Christmas tree inside London's St Pancras Station [theverge]

Thanks to bb, who just erected a 33-foot tree IN MY PANTS. *wink*

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  •   online lego designer that is going to be shut down. I love Lego.

  • God help the one who had to translate the instruction manual for building that monstrosity.

  • deekbee

    Real Lego designers don't need no instructions ;-)

  • Don't be silly. Lego instruction manuals don't have words, just lots of pictures.

  • Exactly!! Those pictures are so poorly illustrated and have such broken perspective, they may as well be written word. They're like architectural hieroglyphs.

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