Life Satisfaction Vs. Age: Geeks Vs. Regular People

November 22, 2011


I mean, awesome if it's true, I just know I've been on the steady downhill since I was six. I'm talking below the x-axis downhill. But maybe it's because I'm not so much a nerd or regular person, but something else entirely. "A loser with no future?" *tapping finger to nose*

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Thanks to Sinny76 and bobo, who are so satisfied with life they can barely contain themselves. Oh great, my favorite kind of people.

  • najey rifai

    this has given me hope

  • lorobird

    Unless you are a Woman-Geek. These rare specimens understand with the years that no matter how much you try to change Geekdom, Geekdom will always be for teh menz.

    Unless you show your tits, in which case you will be listened to,  but your opinions will stop deserving any kind of respect. But as you age your tits are soggy and, really, nobody wants to see them. So you probably will end up getting the fuck out. With very little Geek Life Satisfaction.

  • cocoa

    you will never be with a woman

  • Peter_Pedro

    Normal people satisfaction is based on looks, geeks satisfaction is based on experience and knowledge.

  • That........looks professional. 

  • GreenBag Rifai

    All hope is lost :(

  • JeffreySpur

    this is because all the cool sht u thought was scifi comes out right before u die. 

  • This_Update_Sucks


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