Turn Brown Eyes Blue With Laser Surgery

November 3, 2011


I have brown eyes. And they're romantic as f***. Men and women have actually gotten lost in these peepers for days. Kidding, they're like gazing into two twin @$$holes. And now a California doctor claims he could turn them blue with a quick 20-second cosmetic laser surgery. *starts saving* Sike -- I like my eyes just the way they are: brown and so lazy sometimes one doesn't even open.

The laser energy removes the brown pigment, or melanin, from the top layer of the iris, and the blue eye colour emerges over the following two to three weeks.

However the procedure - which Dr Homer has developed over 10 years - is irreversible because the brown tissue cannot regenerate.

'They say the eyes are the windows to the soul,' he told ktla.com.

'A blue eye is not opaque, you can see deeply into it, while a brown eye is very opaque. I think there is something very meaningful about this idea of having open windows to the soul.'

No, Dr. Homer, there isn't anything meaningful about the "idea of having open windows to the soul." Besides, blue eyes aren't open windows anyway! Having your eyelids removed is.

Doctor claims he can turn brown eyes blue (but he can't change them back again) [dailymail]

Thanks to Robin and alex, who, like me, though this whole article was about b-holes at first.

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