Ironic: Homemade Fingerless Game Boy Gloves

November 14, 2011



I say ironic because what good is a Game Boy if you don't have any fingers? Exactly, only as good as a doorstop. These are a pair of Game Boy themed fingerless gloves lovingly crotched crocheted knit by MaDonna Flowers. They...will keep your wrists warm. And you know what they say about a person with warm wrists, right? Good circulation. Me? I have terrible circulation. My feet are blue. You could probably cut both my feet off and it would take me a week to bleed to death because all the blood down there's frozen solid.

FINISHED PROJECT: Miss Game Boy [memadonna]
These Handmade Game Boy Gloves Will Make Your Hands More Awesome [albotas]

Thanks to Brian, who keeps his hands warm the old fashioned way: fire. I thought I smelled burnt hair!

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