Ironic: Homemade Fingerless Game Boy Gloves

November 14, 2011



I say ironic because what good is a Game Boy if you don't have any fingers? Exactly, only as good as a doorstop. These are a pair of Game Boy themed fingerless gloves lovingly crotched crocheted knit by MaDonna Flowers. They...will keep your wrists warm. And you know what they say about a person with warm wrists, right? Good circulation. Me? I have terrible circulation. My feet are blue. You could probably cut both my feet off and it would take me a week to bleed to death because all the blood down there's frozen solid.

FINISHED PROJECT: Miss Game Boy [memadonna]
These Handmade Game Boy Gloves Will Make Your Hands More Awesome [albotas]

Thanks to Brian, who keeps his hands warm the old fashioned way: fire. I thought I smelled burnt hair!

  • Robin Manford

    This has been on Geekologie for a whole day and nobody has put any comments yet about whether they would or would not want to hump girl in said pictures.  Either GReaders are growing up, or she's super ugly.  She doesn't look super ugly...

  • Bryan Hermanson

    ok ill make you happy ill do her. that better?

  • Jarno Christian Salo


  • Brent LeBlanc

    nice job

  • she never played a gameboy in her life and she knows it.

  • F that! Kirby Pinball my whole life. ;)

  • I sooooo want some of these. They are fantastic!

  • OH YEA! Know what these are going to be used for!  Five Finger Knuckle Shuffle!

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