I Don't Drought It: 'Airdrop' Machine Pulls Water From Air To Feed Starving Plants

November 9, 2011


Seen here looking suspiciously like a futuristic TNT detonator, The Airdrop is basically a dehumidifier for use outdoors that can pull water from the air, and use it to water thirsty plants. Which reminds me...*opening closet door* Have you learned your lesson, fern?! "Waaaaaaaaaaaater me." *slams door* TWO MORE DAYS OF SOLITARY FOR NOT ADDRESSING ME AS GW, GIVER OF LIFE!

With a deceptively modest design, Airdrop filters hot environmental air through a turbine, feeding it through a copper tubing system--with copper wool to maximize surface area--and into the earth where it cools and releases moisture. The dry air is then re-released into the atmosphere and the collected water pumped through semi-porous hoses to the plant roots. In his initial prototype, which was much smaller than the current design, Linnacre was able to produce a liter of water per day.

Impressive, but a liter of water a day -- that's...not a whole lot for a bunch of thirsty plants in a drought. I'm afraid if they don't wind up making these thing bigger you're gonna have to choose just which weed plant you want to survive.

This 'air harvester' pulls water from thin air in times of drought [dvice]

Thanks to Harry, who agrees you should at least try a rain dance first.

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