I Call The Scimitar!: Pillow Fight Weaponry

November 14, 2011


These are a bunch of pillow fight pillows with images of weapons silkscreened on them. They remind me of the time in college I managed to weasel my way into a sorority house pillow fight. Okay so that never happened, but I did dream about it once. One girl filled her pillowcase with rocks and knocked all my teeth out. Hey, I never said it was a wet dream (It totally was though plus I woke up with a bloody nose).

Pillow Fight! [bryanku]

Thanks to bb, who agrees the key to winning a pillow fight is suffocating your opponent with one. Holy shit!

  • Guest

    That's pretty neat, I would of loved these during a sleep over as a kid.

  • Sean Patrick Stevens

    notice the corrolation between lack of comments and shitty new layout?

  • Ragnogroth

    I call the battleaxe! Or is it a battlepillow now? Anyway, it must give quite a punch compared to the other stuff.

  • painweaver

    anyone else notice the GW's writing style changed?

  • ¬†First, it's spelled scimitar. Second, it's a falcion

  • The 'lightsaber' looks like it would be all floppy. It would be more of a whip.

    And I think we had the same dream GW!
    I'm sorry about the rocks, but I play serious.

  • rikster81


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