How Not To Collect Mario Coins On A Moped

November 10, 2011


If you haven't already seen this, watch it. It's a video of a guy riding a mechanical Yoshi trying to collect Mario coins on the side of the street. And, from the look of dude's coin collecting abilities, it's fairly obvious he stole the previous 89 from somebody else. Damn, have you ever considered collecting coins with a raccoon tail instead? "I have, I fell out of a tree and broke both arms." Rough! "You're telling me -- I had to give up coin-collecting because the Mushroom Kingdom refused to make warp pipes handicapped accessible." Okay now you're depressing me.

Hit the jump for the laughing at other people's misfortune.

The Mario Moped Coin Collecting Fail [obviouswinner]

Thanks to khz, who agrees losing a life trying to collect coins is counter-intuitive.

  • By replacing some fraction of a coin's precious metal content with a base metal (often copper or nickel), the intrinsic value of each individual coin was reduced (thereby "debasing" their money), allowing the coining authority to produce more coins than would otherwise be possible.

  • laserdave

    that's a scooter...

  • this made my day!!! hahaha

  • petitemorte

    With these kind of driving skills, homeboy is going to need some extra lives.

  • Azariel_z

    R or Z twice does the trick too...

  • Azariel_z

    Do a Barrel Roll!!!!!!

  • Tully Dwyer

    He fell

  • RDarker

    For Chee Wen it was either the shoes, or the bike on layaway. 
    Das ha wee roll, dird wurld!

  • Bruce Tahoe

    At least they're trying to get out and be part of the world, not sitting in their efficiency apartments playing stupid video games. Oh, wait..

  • mrframboozle


  • Lol helmet and no shoes

  • The whole coin thing is super gay!

  • Carl Marsh

    its not a moped its a scooter!!!!!

  • the_grouch

    Well, technically, who gives a shit?

  • Meewok

    Obviously you care enough to reply

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