Hot Pocket: Homemade Pizza Slice Sleeping Bags

November 21, 2011



This is a $300 sleeping bag that looks like a slice of pizza from Etsy seller brookish7. It's perfect for the person who's always wanted to sleep in a tauntaun. No, no it's not. It's perfect for the person who's always wanted to sleep in Pizza the Hutt. Me? I just wanted to lick his face. "You're nibbling." He's so cheesy I can't help it!

The sleeping bag is constructed by hand. I use recycled quilts for the stuffing. I dye the fabric for the cheese and sauce part myself. The bag is lined with satin which makes it not only adorable but luxurious and comfortable. The pillows are not attached to the bag so you can arrange them however you wish.

Dimensions are approximately 3 feet by 5 feet.

Damn, only 5 feet long. You almost had me too. Looks like I'll have to hold out for a taco sleeping bag after all. "And what if nobody ever makes them?" Then I'll die miserable. Probably in a pillow fort.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots, a BONUS baked potato beanbag chair and a link to Brook's Etsy site.





brookish7's Etsy Page

Pizza Sleeping Bag [neatorama]

Thanks to Cameron, who refuses to sleep in any food that tastes funny after you microwave it.

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