November 23, 2011


THIS: I am thankful for this.

Haaaaaaaaaaappy Thanksgiving! Hopefully you all have a nice long weekend of video games and eating ahead of you. Me? I don't have anything but 200 people ahead of me. Get it? I'm already in line for a Black Friday sale! Just kidding, I'm not leaving the couch until I beat Skyward Sword, then back to Assassin's Creed, Uncharted, Arkham City and Skyrim. It was a mistake starting them all at once, let me tell you -- I can't keep the controls straight in my head to save my life! I AM DYING ALL OVER THE PLACE. Have a great holiday weekend everybody, I should be around posting sporadically in between gaming marathons. Be safe, eat well, AND HOOK A BROTHER UP WITH A PLATE OF LEFTOVERS. And not just the crappy shit you don't want to eat yourself either. I know your game!

Happy Holidays,

Your Geekologie Writer

  • BoilingWithPeevishness


  • Guest

    I'm thankful for the pie. :D

  • Robin Manford

     Where is GW?  It's Monday.  Get the fuck on with it, you lazy fuck.

  • Ru1200

    5days old... :(

  • "I should be around posting sporadically in between gaming marathons."

    You lied :(

  • Happy thanksgiving to all! But, Geekologie Guys... where are you?! ahahahaha

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  • Darth_Spartan

    Happy Thanksgiving Geekologie!!!

  • Colorless82

    yay zelda :D I'm at Ancient Cistern so far. I can't believe how much harder it is. Not many will try to 3-heart this one. I 3-hearted OoT/MM/WW/TP and they were easy but not this one. Especially since defending is different and you have to be so exact with the sword.

  • GW, I love you in a totally platonic and manly way.  Zelda 4 life!!!

  • GW, just play skyward last, the best comes last

  • The Chadwick

    You Americans and your November Thanksgiving.  The harvest is long over by November.  Canadian thanksgiving is way better, in October (which is basically harvest time) the leaves on the trees are still orange and red, November everything already looks dead.

    Regardless.. Happy Thanksgiving you yanks!  Enjoy your feast.  

  • Lol People use "Americans" to freely mostly because "United statesian" is/sounds stupid. My point is people from Canada and everyone in north/south America are Americans and it's annoying that most of the world, including themselves, see people from the US as the Americans. They want to keep calling them self "America", we should get to rename the continent to something less hated.

    Canadian Thanksgiving does seem more logical.

  • Baby_Pichu

    Happy Thanksgiving from Oregon, where everything, every month looks the same... grey.

  • michael anselmi

    Anyone else feel like GW is a new GW. Where are the jokes about getting shit faced, its a holiday! 

  • aoifem10

    Happy Thanksgiving from Ireland!

  •  If I had it my way I would spend my day on the couch too but this girl needs to eat! Happy thanksgiving. 
    Mary from http://meowwzie.blogspot.com/

  • TheJMan92

    SKYRIM! That it all.
    Also: Happy Thanksgiving GW! (and all!)

  • awdesotell

    I'm up to the first temple!

  • dunch

    you are a fag for not being thankful for skyrim

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