Guy Fills Skyrim House With 1,000 Troll Skulls

November 23, 2011


Troll skulls: they really tie a room together.

This is a video of a guy who collected 1,000 troll skulls in Skyrim and then dumped them all over his house so he has to wade through them on the way to the kitchen. You know, I actually did something similar in Fallout 3 except, instead of troll skulls, I used nothing but bent tin cans. Plus I kept a pile of dead bodies in my bedroom. Sucks you couldn't pick up candles in the game or it would have been a regular bachelor pad.

Hit the jump for MTV Cribs: Skyrim edition.


Thanks to Carl, who wears internet troll skulls on a necklace to remind others that retribution is only a plane ticket away. A man after my my own heart!

  • Lecrazy

    This isn't MTV Cribs. This is Horders.

  • I've really been gathering troll skulls I discover and placing them in my house, and I purchased the same house as in the pic (white-run). this is fake beyond any doubt. Guy Fills Skyrim House

  • Closet Nerd

    1,000 troll skulls? that would be this many trolls

    (you may want to just press the minus to downsize this)

  • Closet Nerd


  • Closet Nerd


  • Closet Nerd


  • Closet Nerd


  • Veronica

    Some guy actually stuffed his Whiterun home with random junk he found, after that people started filling homes with random crap (cabbage, troll skulls, etc) with the console.

  • Monochromatyczny Wojownik

    i had Fallout home full of empty beer bottles - just like in real life !

  • dunch

    I've actually been collecting troll skulls I find and putting them in my house, and I bought the same house as in the pic (whiterun).  I have maybe 30 and I've been playing for about 40 hours.  this is fake for sure.  there definitely is not 1000 in the game.

  • Atom Kahn

    Yea....easy to just spawn as many as you want with console commands on the pc version.

  • Now it runs as smooth as Oblivion on Xbox....

  • dunch

    which is not saying much

  • its over 999!!!

  • Meewok

    Meanwhile in Fallout, hundreds of teddy bears in my bed room

  • Is a troll a hard thing to kill in this game or something?
    I don't play elder scrolls.

  • Luciano

    These are actually lying around in the world. You don't have to kill anything to get these. Random people just have them in their homes or you see them in dungeons...

  • Dan Wood

    Yeah I don't even think I've ever gotten a skull as a drop off of a troll. Meanwhile reddit's traffic has been down. (rimshot)

  • ChrisAshmore

    Get it on pc, use console to spawn 1000 troll skulls, get featured on blogs.

  • Bryan Kral

    Could be totally what he did. All he has to do is plug a wired 360 controller to a PC and the prompts for interactions would be that of a 360's.

    But at the same time... does 360 take that long to load into a house? I would kill myself if that were the case. I play it on PC and it takes like 3-4 seconds to load from interior to exterior and vice versa.

  • Luke Oppenhuis

    This was done on PC. If you look at the last segment the prompts was to use the E key, so at that point they had the 360 controller unplugged.

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