Guy Fills Skyrim House With 1,000 Troll Skulls

November 23, 2011


Troll skulls: they really tie a room together.

This is a video of a guy who collected 1,000 troll skulls in Skyrim and then dumped them all over his house so he has to wade through them on the way to the kitchen. You know, I actually did something similar in Fallout 3 except, instead of troll skulls, I used nothing but bent tin cans. Plus I kept a pile of dead bodies in my bedroom. Sucks you couldn't pick up candles in the game or it would have been a regular bachelor pad.

Hit the jump for MTV Cribs: Skyrim edition.


Thanks to Carl, who wears internet troll skulls on a necklace to remind others that retribution is only a plane ticket away. A man after my my own heart!

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