Gutsy: The Internal Anatomy Of A LEGO Minifig

November 17, 2011


Make-believe anatomist Jason Freeny is back with another lesson, this time in the form of a LEGO minifig. You ever wonder what was inside those little guys? SPOILER: guts, just like inside you and me! Kidding, I'm solid penises and a coal-black heart. You know how the Grinch's heart was two sizes too small? Well mine's the size of a rabbit turd and happiness makes me vomit.

Hit the jump for a couple shots of the process and a link to Jason's Facebook with even more.







Jason's Facebook Page (with a bunch more shots)
Official Website

Thanks to Tina, who always thought minifigs were solid plastic. Ha -- shows how much you know!

  • The Lego Anatomy is very well done LOVE IT

  • T_Hood_tc

    The anatomy doesn't work along with how the minifig functions. If one were to bend the leg how the bones and pelvis are positioned in the photo, it would break the leg bone out of the hip socket. I give this a FAIL.

  • TyDurd

    Not to mention it has knee and elbow joints for some reason.

  • Adam Talbot

    lol great pivotal analysis 

  • GW has definitely posted this before... *sigh*

  • Hasnt, Freeny only made this last week

  • Want freaking awesome lego man with inerds but more awesome is the site color. Ah yeess black is back baby.

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