Girl Dressed As Link Playing Zelda Songs On Violin

November 17, 2011


This is a video of a girl dressed as Link playing Zelda songs on the violin. She's very...animated. Like to the point of spazzy.

Hit the jump and dance like you're on shrooms.

Female Link Rocks Out Zelda on Her Fiddle [kotaku]

Thanks to Ryoma, who agrees a little ocarina accompaniment would have gone a long way.

  • garblygook

    She just made my sword go skyward

  • She just made my sword go skyward

  • Michael Keselman

    she undoubtedly has skills. and she undoubtedly is an annoying dancer with annoying facial expressions.

  • painweaver

    her intonation is shit

  • andrea yi

    If she is really playing, they clearly didn't bother trying to sync the pre-recording with the video.  Also she has terrible left hand form and is asking for early carpal tunnel.

  • $20059666

    Dat camera work.

  • The Dallas Symphony is doing a Zelda music concert next  January - I wonder if this woman is part of that?

  • zeldasbff

    So I want to make fun of this.... but I can't.  I'm just jelly.

  • solotraceur

    That's Lindsey Stomp aka Lindsey Stirling....she's awesome

  • casanova_frankenstein

    really really really really really really....awkward boner right now.....

  • She is fit

  • SonicAlligator

    TACKY GIRL IS TACKY. The backgrounds are pretty excellent and the music is quite nice, but this girl needs to be squashed by a Goron. It would have been funny if it ended with "Epona" there mule-kicking her in the face.

  • doctorpeppor

    can something be so redundant that it creates friction and literally burns your eyes?

  • Meewok

    Where's Navi to constantly remind us to listen?

  • Oh goodness. She is obviously a performing arts student.
    I'd date her.

  • Matt Le-Khac

    Looks like jenna Maroney from 30 rock doing a film about link.

  • Jeff Gott

    I'd totally hit it. 

  • Buddy Wheeler

    That's a nasty gash she's got there, pretty bad cut on her arm too.  Zing!

  • Michael Guild

    I think I am in love :P

  • Disregard

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