Get Real: PETA Vs. The Mario Bros. Franchise

November 15, 2011


PETA, best known for always going about things the wrong way, has now taken exception to the Mario franchise, citing Mario's tandoori Tanooki suit sends children the message that it's okay to wear fur. a stretch. A loooooooong one. Like if I tied my penis to a lightpole then sped off in a car.

When on a mission to rescue the princess, Mario has been known to use any means necessary to defeat his enemy -- even wearing the skin of a raccoon dog to give him special powers. Tanooki may be just a "suit" in Mario games, but in real life, tanuki are raccoon dogs who are skinned alive for their fur. By wearing Tanooki, Mario is sending the message that it's OK to wear fur.

Listen: I'm all for the ethical treatment of animals (the actual ethical treatment of animals -- not the organization), but this is ridiculous. I'm not saying PETA has run out of fights to pick, but come on. No kid plays Mario and then moves "raccoon dog suit" to the top of their Christmas list. I do know a kid that asks for Yoshi every year though. Me, I'm talking about me.

Official PETA Site (with a shitty game to play and mandatory "look at these dead tanuki" video.
PETA vs. Super Mario 3D Land [nintendo3dsblog]

Thanks to The Emortal, Sean and FableMomma, who're confused why PETA doesn't take exception to all koopa stomping as well. I know, right?! I like tuttles.

  • Whenever I hear about something pissing PETA off, that makes me want to do it more, and if I didn't even want to do something before, if it gets their panties all up in a bunch then I should probably consider giving it a try.

  • Dusty Graham

    hahah peta is retarded, either way this is my new wallpaper

  • Luca Felton


  • lol stupid as f*ck. its a suit, and a cute one. He didnt run behind his curtain and skin a raccoon dog so he can prance around in its rotting skin. Peta should help the animals that really need it--not stand for the animals in an animated game thats been around for so many years.

  • Kiblaze

    This is pretty damn ludicrous considering it is a TANOOKI suit NOT A TANUKI suit. And it isn't even made of real fur. WTF? Do you really think kids will want to help animals with you dumbasses trying to ruin their beloved video game character that has done nothing but GOOD to their childhood?

  • Claude Rains

    who the fuck still plays mario 3 under the age of 30?

  • grimbldoo

    PETA brings up a good point. It's horrible seeing these animals skinned alive, but they go overboard with this. 

  • Jonathan Slamko

    Ive actually created a facebook group because of this, please join.... its called  People Who Like Going Seal Clubbing While Wearing Snow Leopard Boots

  • UUUUUUUUGGGH. Fuck you, PETA. Seriously. Without PETA, vegetarianism would sky rocket because suddenly without the completely cray-cray people running around screaming "MURDER!", people would see the actual benefits, and reasons to be a vegetarian.

    But, instead, I have people feel weird about eating meat around me because they think I'm going to flip out and call them a murderer. Good fucking job PETA. You're making me want to eat meat again.

  • grimbldoo

    Being a vegetarian is harder than just balancing out your meals. I WANT STEAK LIKE ANY OTHER REAL MAN! ROAR!!!

  • Notice how you _get_ your tanuki suit in Mario? You get your hands on a leaf. The tanuki (and the fox) in Japan are featured in legends that tout their abilities to transform themselves, generally using some mystical power contained within tree leaves. You're not running up to a tanuki fur suit and then putting it on, you're consuming a friggin leaf, and it transforms you into a tanuki-man. This is even more obvious in SMB3, in which the more limited/common version of the transformation only manages to give you an added tail. And maybe ears? Can't remember. Anyhoo...

  • Have you ever played the game????
    Srsly. WTF are you talking about?
    The leaf is for the raccoon suit. The tanooki suit IS a tanooki suit. You DO run up to it and put it on. *facepalm*
    Can someone take away this kid's right to post?

  • grimbldoo

    Yeah, they put the leaf on their forehead and do a complete flip and transform...just like Mario is doing, PETA.

  • jj

    Occupy PETA

  • Stop all turtle brutality. No more shall turtles go shell-less. Especially the red blue spikey ones. They are practically extinct.

  • Amplifide

    Who wears fur anymore? Even the disgustingly wealthy realize what bad fashion is.

  • PETA is using Mario to drum up attention towards a serious issue, the skinning of live animals. PETA makes Flash games so the kids can learn about the realities of animal abuse.

    They don't care about Mario, per-se.

    PETA has used Mario in it's promotions before, it is legally allowed to do so because they use him for the purposes of criticism and commentary. Basically they get to make use of very valuable intellectual property to further their cause.

  • peta only care about animals they think are cute...why didnt peta say anything about the frog suit or the flagrant turtle abuse????...

  • And clearly Peta is a weak pacifist organization that cares nothing for the tanuki that defend their airship with ninja stars. There is nothing written in memory of their brave defense.

    Kenny Taylor, thanks for exposing them for who they are, and for this we have featured your post at the Pewlpit in hopes of opening further eyes, and saving more Tanuki.

  • The Chadwick

    PETA, you're fucked.  I played Mario 3 as a kid and NEVER ONCE did I think, hey I want to wear fur.  Has to be one fucked up kid to think that.  But I guess PETA is worried about the fucked up kids who would think such things.  I, never did.

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