Get Down From There!: Devil Cat Learns To Stand

November 9, 2011


Cats: they're supposed to stand on all four feet. Granted sometimes they'll sit on three with a back one in the air and lick their genitals in front of company, but that's because they're terrible hosts. Dammit Archimedes -- at least set out the hors d' oeuvres first! Recently, there have been sightings of bipedal Frankenfelines, and this is another. Except this guy doesn't actually go anywhere, he just stands there. It's like how they teach you if you're ever surrounded by hyenas you're supposed to hold your hands above your head so they think you're too tall to f*** with. What? I was raised in the bush. Just kidding, but I did work in a Lowe's home & garden department one summer.

Hit the jump for the OH HELLLLLLLL NO, YOU GET DOWN FROM THERE THIS INSTANCE! (instance is the new instant fyi)

'Evolved Cat' Will Blow Your Mind With His Fighting Skills [obviouswinner]

Thanks to khz, who once had a girlfriend make him get rid of a cat because she was allergic but then she went all crazy and he had to dump her and realized it should have been her that went in the first place. Life lessons, bro -- life lessons.

  • Puss n' boots!!

  • the "hit the jump" parts of your articles dont really work any more since you can only see it if you actually "hit the jump" once its no longer the most up to date post.
    gonna have to drop the saying GW if you want to make sense to the majority of your readers.

  • Rumika


  • James Bosch

    and then he goes, " Whaaaaaa! and kicks the other cat in the face."

  • Nölff

    People hate change. Doesn't matter how good it is.
    The site looks clean. I like it.

  • cute :) p.s old layout!

  • wtf i like the old dark theme wtf

  • Change it back to black. The white stands out too much while I'm at work not doing anything productive. This cat video is funny as hell though.

  • jamesb

     I am using the stylus patch and everythings is fine now

  • Meh!
    Seen cats do that lots before.
    They sneaky.

  • pleasegodno

    I had to get some retarded Disqus account just to comment...

  • James A

    I feel like this page is the new grasshopper or whatever the fuck that old people phone was so you had to be a retard to hit the wrong button. Everything is so big and bubbly.

  • ButteredToast

    Jitterbug. Geekologie has been Jitterbugged.

  • I would get a cat if it walked that way exclusively .

  • M M

    It stinks like Gizmodo in here

  • SlowMonkey

    that's "instant", not instance GW. When are they going to quit outsourcing to India?

  • Instance is perfectly acceptable.

  • SlowMonkey

    no, atheistgirl, not perfectly

  • Yes. Perfectly!

  • cocoa

    "(instance is the new instant fyi)"

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