Finally, An Affordable Grill/Griddle/Deepfryer Combo

November 11, 2011


This is the $250 Blacktop Grill-Fryer. It combines the cooking power of a grill, griddle and deep fryer in a single unit. Did I mention there's a warming plate? Because there's one of those too. Now you can keep your hands toasty while you grill and deep-fry in the middle of witch's tits temperatures! "That's not what a warming plate's for." No, that's just not what YOU use it for. I swear, why didn't someone invent this thing earlier? "They did -- the government just covered it up because of the whole fat epidemic." A-HA! Down the rabbit hole. Jk jk, down the hatch. Keep the bacon and onion rings coming.

Amazon Product Site (with more pics and specs)
Blacktop 360 Grill-Fryer [uncrate]

Thanks to joseph, who keeps a Fry Daddy in the trunk of his car. You're sick.

  • eww, what are those bright colored things on the side?

  • JJ

    Hmmm....Crap I just gained like 10 pounds? *Doh!*

  • First the site goes white, and now selling cooking appliances?
    Its a sad day for Geekologie

  • Jacob Gunderson
  • And this is why we're all getting fat.

  • Looks similar to what I had for lunch.

  • ScottNobles

    ... I NEED ONE! 

  • Lincoln Williams


  • ScottNobles

    I wish there was a way to virtually slap people. 

  • Lincoln Williams

    There is a way.
    Newyevon2 slaps TravisScottNobles.
    There you go, you feel better now? :D

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