Feel Pain!: Robotic Artist Paints Its Feelings

November 17, 2011


This is a video of the Abstract Expressionist Robot. He paints pictures of how he feels based on input from a nearby microphone. *playing death metal* God, just stop painting and end it already! You know you want to.

artist Benjamin Grosser offers up a mash-up...which uses AI to listen to its environment and process that information to influence what it paints. Overall a much nicer, more cultured use of artificial intelligence than, say, a swarm of flying death robots.

...Grosser admits that "Lately I've taken to critiquing the machine as it paints, giving it audio input that is a direct response to what it just did. I'll tell it what I think of each gesture it paints: if I liked it or didn't, if I think it should have done something different, or how I see the latest mark fitting into the overall composition of the work. I've found that I tend to dislike these paintings more than others it makes, suggesting that listening to a constant critique of one's creative process may not be productive."

Derder, Benjamin -- NOBODY LIKES A CONSTANT CRITIQUE OF THEIR CREATIVE PROCESS. That would drive me insane. "Look -- GW just took his pants off, he really should've kept them on. Now he's eating cottage cheese and talking to the dog, cottage cheese is nasty. Now he's banging his head on his desk and repeating 'what word rhymes with penis?' -- that can't be good for his brain cells." See? I'd stab you before I even had an article written. Also, Ben, your last name is Grosser -- that would make your children the Grossests! "That's not how names work." Oh.

Hit the jump for a bunch of the robot's paintings and a video of it in action.






Abstract Expressionist Robot Paints His Feelings For You [thecreatorsproject]

Thanks to Jake, who calls shenanigans because everybody knows robots don't have feelings.

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