Fake Doctor Arrested For Performing Bootleg Butt Implants Of Cement, Super Glue, Tire Sealant

November 21, 2011


Please tell me that's not the look you were going for.

Seen here looking like he's about to shit a beach ball, self-proclaimed doctor Oneal Ron Morris poses for his mugshots. Oneal was recently arrested in Miami for performing $700 butt implants consisting of quick-setting cement, super glue, mineral oil and Fix-A-Flat tire sealant. You know, because that's what you put in an ass. Unless it's mine. This ass is Sharpies only.

[Police Seargant William] Bamford said that the procedure was conducted not in a clinic, but in a residential setting in Miami Gardens, and that shortly after the substance was injected into the woman's body she developed what Bamford termed "severe complications."

"[A] short time later, she develops very serious pains, abdomen, throughout her body," Bamford told ABC affiliate WPLG. "She knows something's wrong."

I'm sorry, but I'm really having a hard time feeling sorry for the patient. You really should have known "something's wrong" WHEN YOU AGREED TO PAY $700 TO BABY-GOT-BACK HERE FOR ASS IMPLANTS INJECTED IN HIS LIVING ROOM. I don't care if he told you it was all sterile silicone or whatever, DID YOU SEE HIS ASS? There's no way he can even sit on a toilet seat without rolling off! You have no right to complain. What you do have is an ass that's gonna have to be chiseled off with a jackhammer.

Man Arrested for Boosting Butts With Cement, Fix-A-Flat [abcnews]

Thanks to daniel and Alex, who don't inject asses with anything except flavor marinade. And to Terry, who's convinced somebody injected his ass with cottage cheese while he was sleeping.

  • Sounds like dat ass can fix multiple problems...like a flat tire

  • robot

    Don't correct the article, I think is hilarious.

  • Really people? Of all the fights to be had, and fights to fight, this is what you choose to engage in? You're all misplacing your anger. This woman-man-ass is a terrible person. Who the hell cares if he's a she, and she's a he, and whether or not it was their choice? Choice or not, this person chose to be a complete piece of sh*t person. That is what is important. This person sucks. Not this transgender person sucks, not this person who chose or did not chose to be transgender person sucks. THIS PERSON SUCKS. PERIOD.

  • Mike

    From source:
    Editor’s note: The original version of this blog mistakenly
    identified Oneal Ron Morris as a man, though she identifies as a woman.
    The blog was subsequently corrected. We regret this error.

  • yo

    no matter how much you maul it and turn it inside out a dick is still a dick

  • ITS A MAN give gw a break. the guy has a penis

  • That guy

    he is an assault on the all non-blind members of society. And I am SICK of the discrimination.

  • "You bigoted, closed minded, bible thumping, cross burning, equal rights activists"

    Er, I'm pretty sure the closed minded bible thumpers of the world aren't the same ones as the equal rights activists, dude. Kind of like the exact opposite.

    And yeah, that's not a "he". Just fix it and it will be done.

  • I wonder if he used a can of "Fix-a-Flat-Ass".

  • daiya

    kthxbai. no1curr.

  • daiya

    Wait why are we offended? I want to be offended too! *throws chair*
    Anyways. I don't see what the big deal is, except for that ass. 
    That ass is disgusting. Not proportional by any means. Even no ass is better than that...thing. I bet the cellulite must look like giant bowls of oatmeal.

  • inconspicuous

    Who the **** cares about the pronouns. Get some life, you tranny loving tard bags.

  • Even if the GW presented this story without being told that the woman of discussion is transgender, it is obvious to anyone with a brain that she clearly would identify as a woman. He should have made a note at the end of the post to indicate this and to clarify that the original post is likely incorrect in their gender assignation. A writer should always do their best to present stories as accurate as possible.  The GW was LAZY here and should have investigated the story source himself.

    I'm a transgender man. In other words, although I was assigned female at birth, I live and work in the world as a man. If I was being reported in stories as a woman simply because one writer misgendered me, and other lazy writers merely copied their garbage, I wouldn't be happy to say the least. This is offensive and transphobic and if the GW doesn't apologize soon, I'm done with this place. Which is a real shame because I've been a regular here for years.

  • Android_Guy_71

    The SOURCE of the article (not the presenter of the article) stated that the person was a "HE". The SOURCE of the article was ABC News. THEY called the person out as a HE.

    Not the GW. Not the submitter.I fully agree with what you say about being mislabeled. I fully support the decision that anyone ultimately makes to change their gender. Yes, I understand that some would claim that it is not their choice to be male if they were born female, as well as the argument that if you were born a male, to have that changed would be your choice. Either way, my opinion, is that it is ultimately up to you to do what feels right. Noone here condemns you for that. Well, maybe some will - but they are childish and that's one of the things that you have fought and will continue to fight right along side the rest of us.

    The point that needs to be made, and the one that I will continue to make, is that unless the GW actually contacted the person in question, there is truly no way to know how this person wanted to be portrayed. Especially when the GW takes the original article in it's full context and gives it to us just as it was given to him.

    The fault here belongs in the hands of ABC News. For ABC to call this person a "he", opens up the article to multiple possibilities. 

    The news reporters and media are the ones to be blamed. Not the GW.

    Let's just get over it and move ahead. I think that the differences in the readers here, is what makes this place as enjoyable as it is.

    I'm done. It's normally a worthwhile argument, but in this case - you are being just as blind to reality as you claim the GW to be.

  • If you're that butthurt, get the fuck out. No one's going to miss another tranny.

  • Android_Guy_71

    I too am actually somewhat offended. But it's not the story that offends me. It's the clan of people that decided to thrash on the GW writer, simply due to his using the term "his".

    The GW writer isn't a news reporter like the guy you see on channel 4 news. He finds and is passed the articles before they are passed on to you. He makes them easier to read than the full on mundane blabber that you see when you read the main source. When I read any article that I have any question about (or want to know more about), I check the source.

    Noone here (including the GW writer) cares if the person is a male, female, transgender, gay or whatever else they may be. The fact that GW called the person a "HE", is strictly because that is how the story was presented to him.

    You bigoted, closed minded, bible thumping, cross burning, equal rights activists all took it as an opportunity to spew your thoughts on transgender, and it's a bunch of bull$#!+. Hold a sign somewhere. Don't crawl the internet looking for an avenue to vent over an honest mistake or oversight.

    The original article (from ABC) actually changed the text in the article because of offence being taken by people such as yourselves. Now? It says "person" instead of "he". Hopefully a change like that makes you all feel a little better. I'd personally be more pissed at that, than the use of the wrong gender. 

    For those of you boycotting? You should go read the source article on your way out the door. Please. PLEASE do it now. We come here for an entertaining look at the news. Not to have your crap shoved through our eye sockets.

    Sorry. I'm off my rant. I'm just pissed at the amount of courtesy GW gets from some of you - considering just how much you all actually give to him in return for what he gives us.

  • 1- Not  true. Not even news agencies refer to people by incorrect pronouns.
    3- Yeah. Because all laws that exist are fair and treat people equally. And also, the person in the story I referenced was recognized by the Social Security office as female and it was perfectly legal for her to make the request she did. It was bigotry, not anything legal.

  • Murich

    This post doesn't have the GW's usual flair or humor. I can only surmise that either he is stressed out and having a bad day, or, it's someone filling in for him. 

    Not enough dinos, booze or smart commentary....;)
    Seriously though, every post on here can't be gold. 

  • Should GW have used male pronouns? No. Was this the kind of story GW posts? Yes. Is the doctor an idiot? Yes.
    Who injects themselves with that crap? I can understand the silocone injections, I guess, but turning your ass into a landfill is pretty damn stupid.

  • TheCheapGamer

    LMAO to everyone getting so offended.

    Here's an idea. Get off the Internet.

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