Fake Blinds Hide Light, But No Window

November 8, 2011


Dum dum dum!

Bright Blinds (concept posted back in '07, now a real product) are blinds with a light behind them designed to look like a window. But when you yank the cord to actually see out the window, PRESTO! there isn't one. Nope, you're just staring at the hole you punched in the wall after dying in a video game and decided to cover with fake blinds instead of patching up. God you depress me. No word on price, but twirling the little twirly stick does dim & brighten the light, so let's assume in the thousands.

Product Site
Bright Blind: Great for Windowless Offices and Vampire Hotels [incrediblethings]

Thanks to Court, who has a patio door with a realistic-looking landscape painted on it but when you open it, BOOM!, 8-story plummet to your death.

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