Fake Blinds Hide Light, But No Window

November 8, 2011


Dum dum dum!

Bright Blinds (concept posted back in '07, now a real product) are blinds with a light behind them designed to look like a window. But when you yank the cord to actually see out the window, PRESTO! there isn't one. Nope, you're just staring at the hole you punched in the wall after dying in a video game and decided to cover with fake blinds instead of patching up. God you depress me. No word on price, but twirling the little twirly stick does dim & brighten the light, so let's assume in the thousands.

Product Site
Bright Blind: Great for Windowless Offices and Vampire Hotels [incrediblethings]

Thanks to Court, who has a patio door with a realistic-looking landscape painted on it but when you open it, BOOM!, 8-story plummet to your death.

  • Dum dum dum!!! Ha, I appreciate you in this issue that face blinds ain't provide essential lights and fresh air. Bright blinds are perfect choice. Thanks for the informative podcast. :)

  • Interesting application in architecture

  • Why is this guy hanging the window light blinds waist high? So he can pretend flash the neighbors?

  • Ryan Dempsey

    No one is going to mistake those LED looking lights for sunlight...

  • Rush Carlton

    Whoa. Who turned the GD daylight on around here?

  • But do they come in black?

  • Staplegunn

    I'm pretty sure GWs not in charge of the "look". My point is if you don't like it don't read it. They might listen when they loose advertising dollars. Keep it up GW.
    BTW- The archives sucks.

  • J.Rai

    Um, yeah so anyway, about the actual POST...

    Too bad there's no actual price yet. The idea of these being hand-made is stupid - they need to mass-produce them.

  • SlowMonkey

    GW, did no one ever advise you not to take apart a watch that works?


    oh snap

  • Daniel Martinez

    why the layout change? what wasn't working about the old one?

  • Might as well join em... GW bring back the black and "SO FREAKING COOL" Seriously. Love GR

  • Being somewhat of a developer myself, I understand that people are always going to bitch any time you change something... but the pink on white hyperlinks really need to go. They are difficult to read and I find myself squinting and moving my head closer to the screen to see them. If you only changed one thing, it should be the link color.... your users should never have to strain their eyes to view your content.

  • GW... why are you still posting new articles when you should be fixing your little website?

    has anyone been to the NEW AND IMPROVED Archives???  i LOVE love SuPeR LOOOOVE how i have to wade through a few thousand nearly invisible words to then be taken to a list of old posts that may or may not have anything to do with what i was looking for!  

    dum dee dummdumdumm... i think i'll click the dark (trending) word : "interesting"... cuz what i'm looking for WAS interesting.......... nope just a bunch of really recent posts. why would you classify any post you put on GW as "interesting" anyway?   shouldn't they all be at least somewhat interesting??? otherwise, why are you posting it?

    why would you take away the "search" feature? just stick to what Google does best and let me search... you can't go wrong

    oh yeah... and that whole black thing too

  • zeroneuronsfiring

    Hate to be a downer, but really, this new look has to go. I'm embarrassed to read geekologie at work now.

  • Who ruined this website?

    Also, comment posting is super annoying now too.

  • MorningPanda

    Oh, the comment ordering is also off. It changes depending on the number, regardless of weather it's minutes, hours, or days. The last post I posted was on top when it was "1 minute ago", and after coming back to the page at "4 minutes ago", I realized it was in the middle of the comment stack under someone who had posted "3 hours ago", but just above someone's who is "49 minutes ago".

    The ordering, in case you can't see it in your head, being

    "3 hours ago"
    "4 minutes ago"
    "49 minutes ago"

    Brilliant layout.

  • MorningPanda

    oh wow, I have never seen a layout so horrible. The awkward non-fitting adds, the pink trip on the top of boxes, which are already separated by a horribly strange grey background.. The "latest stories" sticks out like a sore thumb, and throws the balance of the page off completely, and the "archives" have gone to hell.

  • Brandon Ryan

    I made a black version of the layout here if anyone is interested http://userstyles.org/style...

  • Thank you so, so much. Not only for 4chan.

  • moinmino

     Thats better, not classic though.

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