Eye Candy: Paint Splatter Superheroes

November 17, 2011


This is series of paint splatter superheroes by artist Arian Noveir. Now before you go running off to the comments to complain there's no way you could splatter paint like that, don't. They're DIGITAL. Although you could probably recreate them IRL with the right amount of masking. You know, if a person put their mind to it they could actually accomplish a lot with some paint splatter. One time I even delivered a baby on a bus with nothing but my own two hands and a little paint splatter. Just kidding, it was baby juice and I passed out as soon as I saw the woman's vagina, but you get the point. The point is I'm no doctor and it's not always cool to pretend you're one.

Hit the jump for a bunch more including Wonder Woman, the Hulk, Hellboy, Darkwing Duck (jk jk), Spiderman, Wolverine, Thor and Superman.









Arian's DeviantART
Society6 Page (where you can buy his prints, t-shirts, etc.)
Superheros in paint [walltowatch]

Thanks to bb and drew, who can fingerpaint with the best of the other five-year-olds.

  • All that is MAN

    Truly inspiring. WoW

  • Trayl

    Just got the Superman one framed; my best friend got it for me for X-mas.


  • skyhawk1

    Batman & Superman both look very classy.  I''m ordering the pair for the living room.

  • Guest

    Thor and Iron Man! :)

  • Nathan Klassen

    I like the superman one best. very nice.

  • These I love.

    And Spider-Man has a hyphen in it.

  • haha posted at the same time.

  • haha posted at the same time.

  • 1. Batman
    2. Hellboy
    3. Wolverine
    4. Wonder Woman
    5. Thor
    6. Hulk
    7. Ironman
    8. Spiderman
    9. Superman

  • For those of you asking:

    1) Batman
    2) Hellboy
    3) Wolverine
    4) Wonder Woman
    5) Thor
    6) Hulk
    7) Iron Man
    8) Spiderman
    9) Superman

    I think Batman and Thor are my favourite ones...

  • You mean for just me. I don't know how I couldn't tell it was Thor since I just finished reading a bunch of Marvel comics. They're all really cool except for Wonder Woman in my opinion.

  • Charl0

    No Rorschach?

  • Amehd Salgado

    who's the second one?

  • Dig the darkness, but whatever happened to that last magnet giveaway? Also, that's Heihachi Mishima from Tekken in the middle right?

  • Awesome work. But I was promised Dark Wing Duck...

  • AWEOSME!!!!!!!

  • rikster81

    I like alot....and thank you gw for the blackness, it makes it easier for quick views @ work

  • Dylan Anselmi


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